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Will Terrorism Affect Me Personally ?  

The answer is YES, whether you want to believe it or not.

If you think that you are safe, then firstly you are stupid and secondly, you are wrong.

Why is this happening ?
Anyone who has lived in Saudia Arabia will know the phrase "When the world is islam". Bin Laden grew up in Saudia Arabia and this is his dream.

What is the goal of BinLaden and the Taliban ?
It is a belief in islam that everyone in the world should be a muslim. Similar to what the Catholic church did for many hundreds of years up until the 1900's when they often used barbaric methods to eradicate, murder or forcefully convert non believers.

This is an organized attack on the world in an effort to convert the world to islam by firstly Polarizing the world into 2 camps. These 2 camps will be Muslims and NON Muslims and their ultimate goal is to goad the world into a war where the Muslims win (this is what they believe, similar to the "event" which happened in Medina) and thereby take over the world. The next step in the plan is to bring about global islamic unification. Nothing Less.

This global control will also have problems, the Sunni will fight the Shi-ite to see who wins, then there will be a war between the 12 tribes to see which one "rules" the rest.

It is also payback for the crusades which happened hundreds of years ago which most people in the west only remember because of old movies. Read the history of Spain to see that the muslim invaders tried for over 600 years to convert Europe first.

What is their primary plan ?
To destroy the global economy (starting with the USA if possible, otherwise anywhere will do) they hope to bring each country to its knees financially.

Why America
The biggest target is the USA. Their philosophy is simple. Cut off the financial Head (USA) of the WEST and the body (Europe) will follow. This is based on a belief that Europeans are stupidly following the USA and if the United States can be subdued then the rest of the sheep will follow.

The Spanish elections are one example of how these animals think. They look for cowards, which, in the public sector, are abundant.

Most people are cowards anyway...
Even though most people are cowards, there is usually a breaking point when they change their minds. Free thinking people quickly go from Fear to Anger. One major problem these terrorists have is the fact that the people of western mentality are allowed the God given right of Freedom of speech.

This creates free thinking individuals. This simple concept of freedom is alien to most of these terrorists who only understand dictatorship and suppression. Just look up how many muslim countries have democratically elected governments...

The war of subversion and terror is upon us and we must all DO SOMETHING to stop this TODAY or there will be NO tomorrow for many of us or our children.

Over 95% of terrorists are muslim.
It may not be politically correct to say that over 95% of terrorist organizations are islamic or islamic backed, however this is a FACT which cannot be denied. This should serve as a warning. The US State departments Patterns of Global Terrorism is a source for more information. If you do not believe me, check the CIA FACT BOOK.

What to do when you discover a terrorist ?
Contact your local police immediately. Actually ring at least 2 police stations in case the person on duty is sympathetic to their cause or just stupid. Ask if there is a National Terrorist Help Line and then contact this help line immediately.

How Can You Help
Put a link on your website to your local and federal law enforcement agencies. Do it today.